Therapy Services

Occupational therapy

In occupational therapy at Destinata School, we mainly treat learners with somato-sensory delays (e.g. tactile, vestibular problems), postural-motor delays (e.g. balance, coordination problems) and visual perceptual delays (e.g. spatial relations, visual memory)

Children receive therapy in a group of  2 – 5 learners. Motor groups can be larger.

Depending on the number therapists employed, learners from Gr.1 – Gr.5  receive therapy.

 Psychology department

Group and individual counseling help learners to resolve emotional, social or behavioral problems and help them develop a clearer focus and sense of direction, especially the younger children, play therapy is offered.  Interviews with parents are regarded as crucial opportunities to find solutions to problems and enhance good relationships between the school and the adult in the learners life.

Speech therapy:

Areas of expertise include learning disabilities, articulation, auditory processing disabilities, audiology, neurology, to name but a few.

Speech therapy is provided for the Gr 1-5  on a weekly basis during school hours. Learners attend a minimum of two sessions per week which consists of small groups, thereby ensuring individual attention.

Hearing screenings are done annually as well as the follow-up on hearing aid apparatus. 

Remedial therapy:

Remedial therapy consists of all actions that lend learning support to learners in reading, spelling, writing and mathematics. This includes the development of vocabulary, reading strategies, knowledge of spelling rules, understanding of what is read as well as writing skills.

Learners (Gr. 1-5) receive remedial therapy individualy or in small groups (2-4 learners),  2 to 3 x/week, depending on the number of therapists employed. Remedial teaching strategies are used in academic classes in all the grades as ongoing part of the learning support strategy.

All learners’ (Gr.1-5) progress in spelling, reading and mathematics are assessed on a yearly basis.

Amanuenses is made available to learners that qualify.

Tape aid is available to learners with reading disabilities and also to assist learners who learn better by listening while reading for study purposes.


  • Learners Gr.1 – Gr.5 receive therapy in areas of need.

  • Therapy includes remedial therapy, occupational therapy, sensory integration therapy, handwriting therapy, study methods, speech therapy, auditory processing, language therapy and emotional therapy.
  • Auxiliary services also assist the learners with career guidance.
  • Therapy is done during school hours.
  • Therapy is given in small groups 1 – 3x/week per department.
  • Multi-disciplinary team approach ensures close observation of learners’ progress.
  • The psychology department ensures the appropriate handling of learner matters.
  • Parent days ensures feedback to parents about learners with the multi-disciplinary team members present