About Us


About Our School

Destinata school is situated in the Gauteng province in the town of  Meyerton about 50 km South of Johannesburg.

Destinata school caters for learners with specific learning disabilities. In order to provide these learners with the best possible education, our classes are small (18 learners) and well equipped. 

Our auxiliary department provide these learners with Speech, Occupational and Remedial therapy.

Destinata school provides it's learners with the opportunity to take part in various sport activities such as Rugby, netball, cricket, volley ball, athletics and cross country. Learners can also take part in various Culture activities such as Speech evenings, Choir, dance and chess.   

Destinata school also provides an extensive transport system to and from the various towns and cities in our region.



Destinata has a responsibility to become the best educational institution ever

established!  We will accomplish this as each one of us becomes better than anyone

else at serving and developing our students in totality.



Destinata, as a holistic specialized educational unit sets itself the goal of developing the student in totality, to reach his full potential.  Our prime objective is to assist and ensure that each student who has a learning disability is allowed to work according to his/her potential.  This ever envolving process is the Destinata way, and we are committed to it.